EATON Vickers axial piston pumps are used in industrial and mobile medium pressure applications.
Versatile design includes single pumps, thru-drive arrangements, and a variety of drive shaft and control options that will adapt to any application and provide the most cost effective installation.

Pompe PVQ

EATON Vickers pumps PVQ series

PVQ operate at quietness levels that meet today’s demanding industrial conditions. The sound level of each unit approaches or is below that of the electricmotor driving it. Sound is reduced by a patented timing arrangement that also produces low pressure pulses in the outlet flow.
Displacement from 10.5 to 45 cc/rev, maximum pressure 210 bar.

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PVQ Pumps

Pompe PVM

EATON Vickers pumps PVM series

The M Series also contains a strong proven rotating group allowing the pumps to handle pressures to 315 bar continuous with less maintenance cost. High-load bearings and a stiff drive shaft help provide a pump life of 8000 hours at rated industrial conditions, reducing operating costs and extending operating life.
Displacement from 18 to 141 cc/rev.

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PVM Pumps

Pompe PVH

EATON Vickers pumps PVH series

PVH high flow, high performance pumps are a family of variable displacement inline piston units that incorporate the proven design, quality manufacturing techniques and operating features of other Vickers piston pumps, but in a smaller and lighter package.
Displacement from 57 to 131 cc/rev, maximum pressure 250 bar.

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PVH Pumps