Fixed displacement vane pumps are normally used in medium pressure industrial applications.
The repair of these pumps is usually economically convenient: the replacement of the internal cartridge is generally enough to restore its operation. Anyhow we have all the internal details so we are able to make any repairs quickly.


EATON Vickers pumps V series

EATON Vickers V series pumps are available in simple version in sizes 20V-25V-35V-45V, double in sizes 2520V-3520V-3525V-4520V-4520V-4525V-4535V and thru-drive in size 25VT-35VT-45VT.
With displacements from 7.2 cc/rev up to 315 cc/rev and working pressures up to 210 bar, they reach a volumetric efficiency of over 90% and noise levels of less than 62dB (A) thanks to the rotor with 12 vanes.
It is one of the most used models in the world for its distinctive reliability and versatility.

Catalogue (PDF)
V Pumps

Pompe B&C

B&C pumps BV series

Interchangeable with Vickers pumps, the BV series is available in four sizes of single pumps with displacements from 7.2 to 123.4 cc/rev and six types of double pumps.

Catalogue (PDF)
BV Pumps

Pompe B&C

B&C pumps BD series

Interchangeable with Denison pumps.
Displacements from 10.8 cc/rev up to 426.7 cc/rev, working pressures up to 275 bar and rotation speed up to 2800 rpm.

Catalogue (PDF)
BD Pumps