Hydraulics Components

SE.VE.CO. SRL is specialized in the trade of hydraulic components for industrial use since 1983.

A wide warehouse allows us to respond quickly to most requests, such as:
• vane, piston, screw and gear pumps
• filters and spare filter elements
• valves, solenoid valves and proportional valves
• coupligs and bell housings for pump-electric motor connection
• heat exchangers
• repairs of EATON Vickers vane and piston pumps

e-mail: seveco@seveco.it

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Vane pumps

Pompe a palette

The EATON Vickers constant displacement pumps are designed for medium pressure industrial applications.
A wide variety of single and multiple configurations enables you to select the precise pump or combination best suited for your application.

Screw pumps

Pompe a viti

The SETTIMA SMT and SMT16B three-screw pumps are used in low and medium pressure lubrication circuits, cooling systems and fluid transfer.
The absence of pulsations ensures a smooth operation and reduces the acoustic emissions.



MP FILTRI filters and filter elements include the entire range for fluids cleaning. They are applied on suction, return and in-line lines for medium and high pressure.
Particle counters, tools for monitoring fluid conditions and filtration and transfer units complete the assortment.

Gear pumps

Pompe a ingranaggi

The simplicity of the construction of the external gear pumps allows low purchase and maintenance costs, as well as guaranteeing versatility, resistance and long life.
MARZOCCHI recently developed the ELIKA project, capable of reducing the acoustic emission by an average of 15 dBA compared to standard gear pumps.

Bell housings and couplings

Lanterne e giunti

Monobloc and modular MP FILTRI bell housings allow to join pumps with IEC electric motor (range from size 63 up to size 400).
Low noise bell housings help to attenuate the transmission of vibrations and the emission of noise generated by the system.
The couplings are available in aluminium and cast iron versions, for cylindrical shaft with metric and imperial dimensions as well for splined shafts.



EATON Vickers manufactures a complete range of hydraulic valves, used all over the world:
• directional valves
• flow and pressure control valves
• proportional valves
• cartridge valves
• modular valves.

Piston pumps

Pompe a pistoni

EATON Vickers axial piston pumps are used in industrial and mobile medium pressure applications (up to 315 bar), displacement from 18 to 141 cc/rev.

Heat exchangers

Scambiatori di calore

SESINO heat exchangers are avaiable in water-oil tube-bundle, air-oil and brazed plate versions.

Hydraulic motors

Motori idraulici

EATON Vickers hydraulic vane motors for mono or bidirectional applications and Char-Lynn orbital motors.