The hydraulic valves perform many functions: directional control, flow and pressure control.
EATON Vickers manufactures a complete range of hydraulic valves, used all over the world.


Directional valves

Eaton Vickers valves are employed in a broad range of applications, industrial and mobile. Their primary function is to direct fluid flow to a cylinder or to control the direction of rotation of a hydraulic motor.
These valves can be actuated by solenoid, hydraulic or pneumatic pilot, lever, or mechanically.
They are avaiable in several sizes: D02/NG4 (DG4V2), D03/NG6 (DG4V3), D05/NG10 (DG4V5 and DG5V5), D07/NG16 (DG5V7), D08/NG25 (DG5V8) and D10/NG32 (DG5V10).


Flow and pressure control valves

Flow control valves are used to reduce an input flow to a constant lower value. The compensated control both in temperature and in pressure allows an accurate regulation of the flow.
Available with pipe and surface mounting and optionally with integrated check valve, below the main models:
• flow contol FN, FG and FCG series
• check valves DT8P1, C2, C5GV, 4CT and PCGV series.

Pressure control valves perform various functions:
• pressure relief CG2V, CG5V, ECT, C175 series
• pressure reducing XT, XCT, XG, XCG series
• sequence, unloading and back-pressure RT, RCT, RG, RCG EURT, EURG series.


Proportional valves

With the proportional valves, the directional, flow and pressure control is regulated by an electrical signal, either voltage or current.
The electronics can be integrated on the valve or managed externally with electronic amplifiers EEA-PAM and power plug EHH-AMP. Main models are:
• proportional throttle and directional valves KDG, KFDG, KHDG, KBDG, KBFDG, KBHDG
• proportional relief and pressure reducing KCG, KBCG, KX, KBX
• proportional 2-way cartridge valves CVU-EFP1.

Valvole a cartuccia

Cartridge valves

Cartridge valves offer an alternative for conventional sliding spool valves. There are two different kinds:
• screw-in cartridge valves (SiCVs)
• slip-in cartridge valves (CVCS and CVI).
The main advantages of using this kind of valves can be summarized in the greater efficiency, speed and compactness of the hydraulic circuit, as well as better resistance to contamination and reduction of leakage.

Valvole modulari

Modular valves

"Sandwich" mounted between a directional valve and a standard mounting surface, these valves guarantee a compact hydraulic circuit at reduced costs, removing the need of connection pipes.
Vickers modular valves perform several functions:
• relief (DGMC)
• direct or pilot operated check (DGMDC - DGMPC)
• reducing / relieving (DGMX2)
• flow restrictor (DGMFN)
• sequence (DGMR1)
• counterbalance (DGMR).

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