Filters are essential to remove contaminants present in the system and ensure the cleanliness of the fluid.
SE.VE.CO. is an authorized distributor MP FILTRI, leading company offering a wide range of filtration solutions suitable for all industrial sectors.
We have a large warehouse of filters and filtering elements to quickly meet customer requests.

Filtri aspirazione

Suction filters

Suction filters are used as safety filters to protect pumps from gross contamination which can cause them to grip.
Two instances are avaiable:
• suction strainer (STR, MPA, MPM series)
• semi-submerged filters below the oil level (SF2 series), which allow the rapid replacement of the filter element without the need to empty the tank.

Catalogue (PDF)
Suction filters

Filtri linea

Low and medium pressure filters

Filters for in-line assembling LMP 110-120-124-210-211-400-900-950 series, up to 80 bar, flow rate up to 3.000 l/min.
Also avaible in duplex version (LMD series).

Filtri alta pressione

High pressure filters

A range of products is available to resolve all filter assembling problems with working pressure between 110 bar and 560 bar. Also avaiable in duplex configuration (FHD series).
The following configurations are avaible:
• in-line, with threaded and flanged mounts (FMP, FHP and FMM series)
• manifold side or top mounting (FHB series)
• manifold mounting, to DIN 24340 CETOP R 35 H (FHM series).

Catalogue (PDF)
High pressure filters

Filtri ritorno

Return filters

Semi-submerged filter element specifically designed to be mounted directly on the oil tankwith external / internal oil flow (MPF and MPT series) or with external / internal oil flow (MPH and MPI series).
FRI filters can be used also as in-line filter (for example in forced lubrication circuits or in off-line systems).

Catalogue (PDF)
Return filters

Filtri spin-on

SPIN-ON filters

MPS e MSH Spin-On filters can be used for suction filters, on the return circuit (for mounting on the line or on the tank cover) or in-line for low and medium pressure applications.
Spin-On filters are avaible with single or double cartridges.

Catalogue (PDF)
Spin-On filters

Indicatori intasamento

Clogging indicators

Vacuum switches and gauges for suction filters, pressure switches and gauges for return filters or differential pressure indicators for in-line filters.
These devices can be provided with electrical, visual or both warning signals.

Catalogue (PDF)
Cloggings indicators

Contatori particelle

Contamination monitoring products

New portable particle counter LPA3.
Featuring the latest breakthroughs in LED and photodiode technology, the new LPA3 enhances the reliability and provides an excellent repeatability.
The assortment is completed by the in-line contamination monitor (ICM and AZ2), the contamination verification kit (VPAF 100) and the in-line filtration unit (UFM series).

Catalogue (PDF)
Contamination control