The hydraulic motors convert the hydraulic energy generated by the pump into mechanical energy.
The main parameters for choosing the motor are deliverable power, torque and minimum / maximum rpm.

Motori Vickers

EATON Vickers vane motors

The EATON Vickers M series motors are suitable for operating continuously or intermittently, one-way or two-ways, with hydraulically balanced shaft. Available in different sizes (25M, 35M, 45M and 50M), with displacements from 31.5 to 317.1 cc/rev.
They are used for industrial (injection molding) and mobile applications.

Catalogue (PDF)
Vane motors

Motori Char Lynn

EATON Char-Lynn orbit motors

They are low speed / high torque motors. The Char-Lynn motor range consists of three major types based on the type of valving used to distribute fluid through the Orbit gear set (geroler or gerotor):
• Spool Valve
• Disc Valve
• VIS (Valve-in-Star)
The transition from one category to the next increases the characteristics of the motor in terms of efficiency, pressure, displacements and output torque.

Catalogue (PDF)
Char-Lynn hydraulic motors