The characteristics of SETTIMA three-screw pumps are homogeneous flow, no pulsation and low noise. With the use of these pumps the problems related to noise are therefore reduced or completely eliminated.
Their typical use is in low and medium pressure lubrication circuits, cooling systems and fluid transfer.

Pompe SMT16B

SMT16B pumps series

Avaiable with multiple options: with integrated relief valve, for fluids with high viscosity and in the hollow shaft version for direct coupling with the electric motor (without the need of a coupling).
Also available with cast iron body and hardened screws for use with fluids containing metal particles.
Pressure up to 40 bar.

Catalogue (PDF)
SMT16B Series

Pompe SMT

SMT pumps series

The pulsation-free flow of the SMT pumps allows the application of the SETTIMA pumps even in critical conditions, such as precision hydraulics, dosaging and measurement of fuels.
Pressure up to 80 bar.

Catalogue (PDF)
SMT Series